DONGGUAN HUMEN HML WIRE CABLE MACHINERY FACTORY is following the famous domestic electric wire and cable equipment, casing extrusion equipment, cable tie extrusion equipment manufacturers, headquartered in Hong Kong. We mainly design of research and production: cable high-speed extruder, high-speed stranding machine, high-speed into a cable machine, cantilevered high-speed single heave machine, wire high-speed automatic knitting machine, high speed of knitting play plate cable machine, high-speed bag machine, teflon extruder, silica gel extruder, physical foaming line, chemical foaming extruder, nylon... [detailed]

For the latest 3D printing materials such as ABS, PLA and other 3D printing tape or wire extrusion
Is used in the production of the indoor optical fiber, leather line cable, butterfly fiber optic cable, fiber optic jumpers, etc.
Is used in the production of the outdoor optical cable.
Used for extrusion of PVC\TPU\ TPE, etc
It is used for extrusion of high temperature tube or high temperature line for FEP\FPA\ETFE etc
Used for extrusion of FPA, FEP\ ETFE, etc
Widely used in various types of wire and cable, electronic wire, automotive wire, civil lines, building lines, instrumentation lines, power cables and other cable extrusion
Used for high temperature silicone wire extrusion production, this machine is made in our factory 80 silicone extruder at the scene of the customer
Used for high temperature teflon wire extrusion production
For wire and cable tie into the ring to fight, the most professional manufacturers of wire into a loop machine
It is mainly used for PVC, PE pipe, TPU casing pipe extrusion production, PC pipe, gaskets, etc
Mainly used for multi-strand copper wire twisted or stranded tinned copper wire strands and bundles.
For five, five, six, super six data cable, communication cable, network cable, coaxial cable of the single frequency line, television signal transmission line, such as cable conductor into line and longitudinal packages.
It is mainly used in electronic cable, power cord of the findings and twisting line stripping is the main equipment for wire processing
Suitable for copper wire or cable surface covering with center (such as: cotton tape, through love, refractory, aluminum foil, wheat belt, etc.
Wire and cable auxiliary equipment, used for wire and cable alignment, and other auxiliary equipment